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Cross Bore Safety

Cross Bore Safety

Call 811, it is a free call! The One Call Center will let us know who you are and where you intend to dig.

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Keep Meters Clean

It’s important to keep your natural gas meter clear of debris, vegetation, snow, and ice.

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Other Safety Information

Call Before You Clear

Always Call Great Plains Natural Gas Before Clearing A Sewer Line.

There is a possibility that our gas pipeline may cross through the sewer pipe on your property. This is called a cross bore and occurs when trenchless technology was used to install underground utility lines.

Plumbers and homeowners often use a rotating cutter that can be inserted in the sewer line to clear a clog. While good for clearing out objects such as tree roots, these devices can also cut through natural gas pipelines and other underground utility lines that were unintentionally installed through sewer lines that were not mapped or installed with locating technology.

If a cross bore exists, it can cause a natural gas emergency if the pipeline is cut. Natural gas could enter the sewer system and create a hazardous situation, including explosion, complete destruction of the structure, injury, or death.


  • Call Great Plains at 877-267-4764 prior to clearing your sewer line. We will promptly arrive to locate and mark our natural gas pipelines, free of charge.
  • Never clear a sewer line until the clog has been identified.
  • If you notice bubbles rising in the toilet bowl or through standing water, or a strong odor of natural gas, immediately evacuate the premises leaving the exit door open.
  • From a safe distance, call 911 and Great Plains at 877-267-4764.

Call Before You Clear