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Business Services

Business Services

Energy costs can be one of the major factors in a company’s decision to expand or relocate its operations. At Great Plains Natural Gas, we commit to providing our customers with the most cost-effective, clean, and efficient energy source for their business needs.

We assist commercial and industrial businesses with solutions to their energy needs, by providing a number of specialized services including customized cost modeling and comparisons to alternate energy sources.

Call our customer service center at: 877-267-4764

Required Information For Meter Install

  • Has the Service line been installed?
  • Is this a Residential or Commercial Property?
  • Subdivision Name, Lot & Block Number
  • Has the Pressure Test been completed?
  • Has the Pressure Test been inspected or tagged by the City/County/State?
  • Has the house piping been tied to the meter bar?
  • Is it level?

You will need to be able to verify the gas appliances and individual BTU loads listed on premise characteristics

  • Have there been any additions or deletions to the gas equipment that we should know about?
  • What is the name and contact phone number of the contractor/heating dealer or customer for us to contact regarding any other questions?
  • Is the Address visible from the street?
  • Do we have clear access to the meter set location?