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Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

At Great Plains Natural Gas we operate efficiently to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Our environmental goals are:

  • To minimize waste and maximize resources;
  • To be a good steward of the environment while providing high quality and reasonably priced products and services; and
  • To comply with or surpass all applicable environmental laws, regulations and permit requirements.

Environmental Community Opportunity (ECO) Fund

Environmental stewardship is a part of Great Plains Natural Gas Company’s mission and daily life, and our commitment to the communities we serve is taken seriously. As part of our continued environmental commitment, Great Plains – along with its three sister companies – has established the ECO Fund to support projects that enhance environmental education and stewardship in the communities we serve.

Environmental education projects may include grants for teacher training, books or equipment for classroom use, field trips or special project support in the natural or physical sciences.

Community environmental stewardship projects may include such things as nature trail development, wildlife area enhancement, recycling and community cleanup promotion, or the development of ‘living laboratories’ for the use of students and the general public.

Some limitations apply. See the ECO Fund Brochure for details of the program and the ECO Fund Grant Application Form to apply.

Energy Efficiency Resources

It’s important to look for ways to reduce energy usage around the home. As an ENERGY STAR partner, Great Plains Natural Gas is committed to help you save energy and money. The following list is provided to help identify ways to conserve and use energy more efficiently.