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Why Natural Gas?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, here are just a few of the reasons home buyers prefer homes heated with natural gas:

  • Natural gas is more economical
    Gas can significantly cut your energy bills, depending on where you live and your energy usage.
  • Natural gas is efficient
    Using gas directly for space heat, water heating, cooking, and drying decreases our region’s demand for electricity.
  • Natural gas is reliable and convenient
    Gas is delivered directly to your home through underground piping and will not leave you stranded in inclement weather as electricity can. Using natural gas means no storage tanks, no running out, and no waiting for delivery as with oil and propane.
  • Natural gas is environmentally friendly
    Clean-burning natural gas is the most efficient fossil fuel available and the least taxing on the environment.
  • Minnesota
  • North Dakota

Heating Your Home in Minnesota

Energy SourceSpace Heat EfficiencyAnnual Energy CostInstallation Costs
Natural Gas95% Furnace$470$13,000
Electric100% Furnace$1,028$12,000
Propane95% Furnace$1,323$13,000
Heat Pump (Air Source)150% Seasonal Efficiency$685$14,000
Heat Pump (Ground Source)350% Seasonal Efficiency$294$18,600*after tax credits

Heating Your Home in North Dakota

Energy SourceSpace Heat EfficiencyAnnual Energy CostInstallation Costs 
Natural Gas95% Furnace$383$13,000 
Electric100% Furnace$796$12,000 
Propane95% Furnace$1,030$13,000 
Heat Pump (Air Source)160% Seasonal Efficiency$598$14,000 
Heat Pump (Ground Source)350% Seasonal Efficiency$227$16,500*after tax credits