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Service Point Audit

Great Plains Natural Gas SCE LogoCo. will be visiting every service point within our 5 state service area. GPNG has hired Suburban Consulting Engineering, Inc. (SCE) to perform this audit.

You will be able to recognize SCE employees by the personal protective equipment (high visibility vests and clothing) uniforms with the MDU logo; as well as their SCE name badges. SCE employees will be driving vehicles labeled with both MDU and SCE logos. They will be carrying handheld tablet computers as well as GPS units to complete their work for this audit.

Always allow safe and easy access to your gas and electric meter by keeping the area in front of and around your meter clear at all times. We need at least two feet of clearance around the meter to provide visibility and access for routine work and also in case of any emergency.

This service point audit project will be conducted throughout the GPNG service territory. Weather permitting- the project will run in all months of the years 2018 to 2022. Below is a list of locations and estimated time frames for the current year.

Beginning May 2020:

  • Marshall
  • Redwood Falls

Beginning June 2020:

  • Belview
  • Wood Lake
  • Echo
  • Danube
  • Renville

The intent of the Service Point Audit is to collect data on our existing natural gas distribution system. In addition to collecting data, SCE employees will also be capturing a GPS point at each service point location. The data collected will provide value as we strive to continue to provide safe and reliable service.