Heating Assistance is available to make ends easier to meet


Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) The purpose of the LIHEAP is to provide home energy assistance to eligible, low-income households. The program is funded by the Federal Government and administered through the North Dakota Department of Human Services and the County Social Service Boards. The awards are based on your household income, household assets, type of fuel used, and the size, type and location of your home.

Great Plains encourages you to complete your application today for the federal energy assistance program so you can start receiving your benefits this heating season which runs from October 1 through May 31. You can download the application form from the North Dakota Department of Human Services website at: http://www.nd.gov/dhs/services/financialhelp/energyassist.html. You may also call your local County Social Service Office or call the State LIHEAP office at 1-800-755-2716. If you need help filling out and submitting the LIHEAP application, contact Community Options at 1-800-823-2417 ext. 158.

Who should apply?

  • Households who buy their heating fuel from a fuel dealer or utility company, and households whose rent payments include the cost of heat if they do not receive a rental subsidy.
  • Households who need assistance with: non-repairable furnaces and fuel costs that are high due to houses that are older or in poor shape.
  • Households who have difficulty paying fuel bills due to other rising costs and are in danger of losing their heating source.

What Services are available?

  • Heating Assistance: LIHEAP can pay for a portion of fuel used to heat the home you live in during the months your household is eligible between October 1 and May 31 during a particular heating season.
  • Weatherization: The weatherization program helps low income people make their homes and apartments more energy efficient. Weatherization seals a home to keep warm air in and cold air out during the winter.
  • Furnace and Chimney Cleaning: If you are eligible for LIHEAP. The program can pay up to $175 to clean and inspect your furnace and $150 to clean your chimney. This program requires prior authorization by the County Social Service Board.
  • Emergency Assistance: LIHEAP funds are available when there is a home energy emergency that may threaten the life of your family. Upon prior approval, payment for the cost of a furnace replacement if it is determined to be unsafe, not operating and unable to be repaired.

In order to determine the services you may qualify for, you must fill out the application form and submit it to your local County Social Service office. The County Social Service office will determine eligibility for any of the LIHEAP programs.

Energy Share Bill Assistance

Energy Share is a private nonprofit organization; with the goal of helping North Dakotans faced with energy emergencies meet their needs. Montana-Dakota customers who are experiencing difficulty keeping up with their utility bills due to an emergency or some situation that puts them behind may qualify for heating bill assistance through Energy Share. Please contact your local Community Action Agency or the state-wide office at 1-800-726-7960.